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And Gratitude for all!

And Gratitude for All

Some days are harder than others, and those days can really be a push, but finding a seed of gratitude that you can plant is worth it. When you really look, there are little things that you can select. The sun, the sky, the air we breathe, getting up in the morning, a roof over our heads. You, know the standards. Not that we take those for granted, but somehow, it’s the “what’s wrongs” that are more prevalent. What if we saw the good, every day, multiple times throughout the day? Our office team set out on a project. It’s wasn’t necessarily an easy one because it necessitated stopping, thinking, searching, and finding the words to express thoughts in a clear, concise manner about what we’re grateful for. No one knew what the others were writing. All six of us have different living situations from married to single, in a relationship and not, no children to one child, to multiple grown adult children. But one thing stood out. We were all able to find things to be grateful for, especially because that was the assignment. My favorite day was when I came in and one of our team members was groaning over the fact that she had too many things on her list! Never! 

So here goes with our gratitude list from the team at Family Chiropractic:  

Dr. Amy: I am thankful that babies and puppies keep me grounded, for chai tea and music which soothes my soul and family and friends for the experience of unconditional love.  

Dr. Lauren: I am thankful for a lot this year. I have been blessed with a great family, amazing friends, my health and new adventures. I am thankful that I have acceptance and adaptability, two qualities that help me be more grateful in life.  

Teresa: I am most grateful for God’s provision and grace. He provides me with all I need here on earth and by His grace I have a home in heaven when I die. 

Jeanine: I am thankful for my amazing co-workers that I get to work with at Family Chiropractic. They always help me feel better, even when times are a little tough. I am grateful for the patients that make me smile, and always brighten my days.  

Megan: I am thankful for all of the support in my life, from family, coworkers and friends. I am thankful I am able to pay for everything I need and some things that I want. I am thankful for my health, and that I continue to wake up every morning. I am thankful I get to be a big part of my niece’s and nephew’s lives to support, encourage, help them and watch them grow. 

Sydney: I am grateful for cozy blankets, China-Gel and thunderstorms (and cat videos)

Dr. Sandy: I am grateful for the wonderful associates, Drs. Amy and Lauren, who deliver care and concern to each of our patients along with great chiropractic adjustments. To our office team who expertly and efficiently handle their jobs with such precision. I’m grateful to the support team I have from coaches who help me run this office, to our accountant, our landlord, the woman who keeps our office clean. It truly takes a village. I am grateful for the patients who trust us with their children, spouses, parents, spines…I truly feel honored to care for you and your families. 

On a personal note, to my adult children near and far, whom I love with all my heart, I am grateful that they used their wings to make this world a better place. To my husband who loves and supports me as I dedicate so many hours of my life toward creating and cultivating this office. Thank you for everything…and I mean everything!  

And of course, I’m grateful for the sun, the sky, the air we breathe, getting up in the morning, a roof over our heads.


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