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At Family Chiropractic of Lederach, LLC, we offer Hands-on and Instrument Assisted Chiropractic Adjustments, including:

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization- (IASTM) This technique is used to release fascial restrictions and scar tissue that may be causing improper function of the musculature.

Extremity Adjusting - We adjust more that just your spine. Joint restrictions can be found in your shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles and feet, etc.

Arthrostim, Vibracussor and Activator Instrumentation - These techniques utilize specially designed tools to assist in the adjustment.

Flexion Distraction Technique - We are able to block and gap the joints in your low back and pelvis with this technique.

Exercises and Stretches - During the rehabilitative phase of your care we will recommend specific exercises targeted to your needs.

Webster Technique - A sacral adjustment to help keep the mother's pelvis aligned to balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments while pregnant.

TMJ and Carpal Tunnel Release - Treatment for pain and stiffness caused by temporomandibular joint disorder, and noninvasive relief of C.T.S. syndromes through adjustments and muscle work.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care - Adjustments that focus on the providing a comfortable pregnancy and safer birth process.

Pediatric Adjustments - Adjustments that promote maximum function of the the nerve system through development and growth.

Care for every age and stage of life - Chiropractic helps to restore and promote healthy spinal integrity and balance for all ages from infancy through senior years.

Wellness Services (not covered by Insurance)


Deep Tissue, Swedish, Cupping and Prenatal are all offered in our office.

Reflexology and Essential Oils

Providing a place of relaxation, offering the body gentle assistance through reflexology and Young Living Essential Oils. 

Nutritional Coaching

Discover the power proper food choices can have as you create your ideal vision of health for you and your family. 

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