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  • Just Wait!
    I have been patient and now the wait is over! September, 2017, my dream of adding a Wellness Center to our Chiropractic Center has been realized.Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center Read more
  • I Believe in Fat
    I Believe in FatOh, really now. Can you repeat that? Yup. I believe in Fat. Not the normal phrase you hear, or in this case see on the Sirius display in Read more
  • And Gratitude for all!
    And Gratitude for AllSome days are harder than others, and those days can really be a push, but finding a seed of gratitude that you can plant is worth it. When you Read more
  • My Gratitude Jar
    My Gratitude JarI have a Gratitude Jar. And a Mulligan Jar. Let me explain. The Gratitude jar is easy. Started on January 1, 2016, this vase is almost full with Read more
  • What's your plan?
    Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I have always utilized coaches to help me be better in business, a better chiropractor and the best person I can. Over the last Read more
  • It's All About Gratitude
    I love that there is a holiday dedicated to gratitude, and from that one day called Thanksgiving, we can expand that concept to a month or a year. How about Read more
  • So Much to Say
    So Much to SayWell, hello to you, my friend. Dr. Sandy here. Sitting at my desk while one of my trusty associates, Dr. Lauren, is skillfully adjusting patients while I work on some Read more
  • World Spine Day
         Drs. Sandy, Amy and Lauren, your doctors at Family Chiropractic of Lederach, love to educate our patients about prevention and effective management of spinal conditions. You can often hear Read more
  • Things I learned
    What I learned from Edie Weinstein's talk.Edie has been a friend of mine for about 25 years. We travel in similar circles. I say similar, because I don't know many Read more
  • Wrapping up the Month
    We wrapped up Yoga Month at FCL with an article written by Edie Weinstein about Dr. Sandy and her mom, Ruth. Multigenerational yoga is alive and well! We had three programs Read more
  • Yes You Can Yoga is almost here
    We are getting ourselves all excited and geared up for our program called Yes You Really Can Yoga. We will demystify the history and terminology of yoga, bring it up to modern times Read more
  • New Format Newsletter?
    Yes, and we are so proud of it! Have you received your copy in your inbox? If not sign up below to be kept up to date with the latest Read more
  • September is Yoga Month!
    In Cooperation with National Yoga Month, Family Chiropractic of Lederach presents our own:September is YOGA MONTH2 EVENTSDr. Sandy presents “Yes You Really Can” Yoga Thursday, September 15, 7:30 pm and/or Tuesday September Read more
  • It's almost time!
    It's almost time for us to see who won the Summer Games Medal Contest! We had just one person guess the number of gold medals, but 6 guessed silver and Read more
  • Family Chiropractic to Celebrate Yoga Month!
    During the month of September, FCL is proud to present Yoga Month in our office. Here is a typical conversation in our office:Dr: Have you done any yoga? Patient: “I can’t Read more
  • You know you want it!
    Chair massage sessions! Did you know that you can get a chair massage session with Megan before or after your chiropractic adjustment? If Megan is available, she is offering chair sessions for $1.00 Read more
  • Chair massage sessions
    Chair massage sessions! Did you know that you can get a chair massage session with Megan before or after your chiropractic adjustment? If Megan is available, she is offering chair sessions for Read more
  • Congratulations to Teresa!
     Once again, a HEARTY congratulations and THANK YOU to Teresa, the Director of the Insurance Department at Family Chiropractic of Lederach. Teresa has achieved the 99 Percent Club Gold Standard Read more
  • Happy Wednesday!
    Fun was yesterday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm when I looked around and counted 16 people in the office at one time! The best part? That included 8 children! It Read more
  • Check Out Our New Blog!
    Welcome to Our Redesigned Website & Blog As you may have noticed, we just finished redesigning our website, and we're excited to launch the new site. We Read more

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