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My Gratitude Jar

My Gratitude Jar

I have a Gratitude Jar. And a Mulligan Jar. Let me explain.

The Gratitude jar is easy. Started on January 1, 2016, this vase is almost full with slips of paper that I have written things on over the past year. On each piece are things I want to note, celebrate, and remember. Great meals, phone calls from loved ones, buying a new couch, a visit from a friend - you get the picture. I also have a Mulligan Jar.

For the golfers in the room you know what that is. For the others of us, thank you to Merriam-Webster for the help. "A free shot sometimes given to a golfer in informal play when the previous shot was poorly played." A do-over in other words. A chance to make it right.

Into this jar go the missed chances. Little errors that, if given the opportunity, I would turn back the hands of time, and do over. While my Gratitude Jar will be filled to the brim by December 31, 2016, my Mulligan Jar only has two entries. One where I had the chance, but did not get orange juice for my husband, even though I remembered he needed it, knew he was not feeling well, but also knew it was not his usual brand. I could have and should have gotten it anyway. No biggy. I was upset. He was not. 

The other? I cannot remember. Reading the Mulligan notes, also on December 31st, will help me appreciate that there was only 2 slips in the Mulligan Jar, and an almost overflowing Gratitude Jar. Maybe that will be January 1, 2017's first entry. Happy New Year!


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