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What's your plan?

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I have always utilized coaches to help me be better in business, a better chiropractor and the best person I can. Over the last few months, I have been coaching with a Tony Robbins Master Coach. I am loving the focus, inspiration and thoughts that having a coach brings to my life.

Recently, I asked for guidance in a particular area, and her first question to me was "What's your plan?" What a great question! It stopped me in my tracks. What was my plan? What was the strategy I needed to follow to accomplish the task at hand? This led me to the theme of 2017... and that focus is the word is PLAN. The course of action may change, but a direction will be set. So, when she asked me what will be the homework I take on for next session, I said to find a planner to lay out my plan. I have decided I want an old fashioned book...something to hold, like I use to, not just the calendar on my Mac. My search has led me to the Bullet Journal, and I look forward to using it for the new year. 

Are any of you Dr Who fans? In a marathon over the last few months, my husband and I watched all 9 seasons, all 14 episodes from each season, and just finished last night. LOVED IT!!!!! Having a plan is a big theme for The Doctor and in almost each episode he can be heard saying - I have a plan. What is it? I don't know yet, but I'll come up with something! And, he always does.

So here we stand, about to welcome 2017, and I have a my brand new Bullet Journal in hand. And I have a PLAN! the book will include many fun and wonderful things, including growth personally and professionally. This is the year I will attain my Life Coach certification. Yet, another dream will be realized. Cheers and bring on the new year, and all the joy that awaits.

Hugs, Dr. Sandy


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