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World Spine Day


Drs. Sandy, Amy and Lauren, your doctors at Family Chiropractic of Lederach, love to educate our patients about prevention and effective management of spinal conditions. You can often hear Dr. Sandy say that if you learn nothing else at our office but to be aware of your movements to protect your spine, then we have all won. The prevention of musculoskeletal disorders is much more efficient than waiting until a problem arises and then trying to cure it. That is also why we check and adjust children at our office. Starting health habits at an early age goes a long way toward preventing problems that may arise later on in life. Please ask us about checking your child for early signs of spinal concerns and ask us ways to help them throughout their youth and adolescence. 

Join us in celebrating World Spine Day on October 16th and every day, as we respect the awesome abilities of the spine as a factor of health and wellness. Watch this fun video!


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