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Family Chiropractic to Celebrate Yoga Month!

During the month of September, FCL is proud to present Yoga Month in our office. Here is a typical conversation in our office:

Dr: Have you done any yoga? Patient: “I can’t do yoga!”.  “Why not?”. “I can’t twist, stand on my head, relax my brain like they show on the cover of the magazine”. “Yes, you can. Stand. Take a breath in. Lift from the top of your head. Arms up toward the sky. Relax your shoulders. Let your breath out. THAT’s yoga!” “Oh, I can do that”. “Yes, you can do yoga”!

We are presenting yoga month as a way to show the many benefits of a regular exercise program, and yoga is the perfect compliment to the chiropractic adjustment. Stay tuned for information about the happenings including classes, workshops, speakers, prizes and more.

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