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It's All About Gratitude

I love that there is a holiday dedicated to gratitude, and from that one day called Thanksgiving, we can expand that concept to a month or a year. How about expanding it to a lifetime? How different would your life be if you looked for what was right with the day, instead of dwelling on what was going wrong. I have been accused of seeing life through rose-colored glasses, an idiom whose meaning has no clearly defined origin. I take it to mean the most commonly used definition, which is to see only the good in things, only the best part of view, only the positive attributes. The tinted specs were also traced to healing properties for various maladies, including vision problems, migraines and jaundice, apparently.   

Running our Family Chiropractic office for 35 years, it has certainly been a benefit to see my life through rose colored glasses. There were many events, many incidents, many things over the years that certainly called for those tinted frames. I know from my years of studying the field of positive psychology that there is a happiness set point, and that number is said to be predetermined by our heredity and personality traits ingrained from our experiences early on in life. I am grateful that I have a low threshold set point, meaning in my day to day life, I can find what's right and make the best of difficult situations. Just ask those close to me!

I also know from personal and professional experience that it is a lot easier to focus on happiness when you have you health. There is an old quote that says when you have your health, you have everything. I don't agree with that quote because if it were true, the opposite would be true as well. That would mean if you didn't have your health, you would have nothing. As your chiropractor, I like to look at it this way: If you don't have 100% of your health, but you are doing as many things as you can including chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, positive thoughts of gratitude and a good amount of sleeping, then you are in a much better place. We appreciate having you as part of our Family and look forward to helping you regain, attain and maintain your health for many years to come!  

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With Smiles, 
Dr. Sandy


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