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So Much to Say

So Much to Say

Well, hello to you, my friend. Dr. Sandy here. Sitting at my desk while one of my trusty associates, Dr. Lauren, is skillfully adjusting patients while I work on some of the (ok, many of the) behind the scenes items that keep this well oiled machine running. 35, yes, 35 years later and I still look forward to being in my office. I still look forward to connecting with each of you while you are here. I may not be hands on with everyone, but I keep up to date with your progress. Its so joyful for me to honor the background of Family Chiropractic, which I started way back in 1983 on Main Street in Souderton. Crazy! Over the years we have cared for multiple generations, and proud to say we have one family that all 4 generations have been our patients. Does that sound strange to you that we are proud to care for people? Does it make you think that people must have "bad backs" to come see us? 

And that's where education comes into play. We see people of all ages, all stages of life, all levels of health and wellness. Some have pain, some want to stay out of pain. Some have parents who were in bad shape and they want to avoid that same scenario. Some are parents that want to help their children to attain better health then they have experienced. Chiropractic, along with exercise, proper nutrition, positive thoughts and proper sleep all are components to health. Are you doing your part to take care of you? We can help!! Well, that's it for now. I have so much more to say, but need to sign off now. Lots of fun events are coming up for the last few weeks of the year 2016. Stay tuned to see! 

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