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What I learned from Edie Weinstein's talk.

Edie has been a friend of mine for about 25 years. We travel in similar circles. I say similar, because I don't know many people who can keep up with her pace. She is an interfaith minister, a writer, an interviewer, a mom, a Cuddle Party facilitator, a yoga practitioner, and avid social media contributor and a friend/connector of thousands, just to list a few of her activities and interests. When Edie came to speak in our office on September 28th, I was prepared. I had wine and chocolate for the participants, pen and paper for me. I love to take notes so I can remember those quips of intellect that comes in moments of inspiration. Encouraged by Edie's words, here are a few of my take-aways from the evening:

At FCL (Family Chiropractic of Lederach) we touch LIVES, not just BACKS. 

Everyone enters our life to be a teacher. Some lessons are harder than others.

We gather with our family of choice when we are with friends. 

Love the Staples expression: That was Easy! (Retrieve my button from the basement)

Tree pose (Vriksasana) is easier to do when you are holding onto someone else, each keeping the other upright. You can be an oak: tall and straight, or a willow, and move with the wind and the mood. 

The best way to be present is through breath. Slow, methodical, intentional breath. 

"I'm here and now, not there and then." 

It was a wonderful program which was the culmination of a very active yoga month. Thank you to all who participated. 


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