Welcome to Family Chiropractic of Lederach, LLC

At Family Chiropractic of Lederach, we are fully dedicated to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even muscle tightness and tension. Dr. Pirrone welcomes you to our practice where we strive to make patients feel at home. This personal care is why people throughout the Harleysville area come to Family Chiropractic of Lederach.

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Office Hours

Monday  8 AM to 1 PM - 4 PM to 7 PM

Wednesday   8 AM to 1 PM - 4 PM to 6 PM

Thursday    10 AM to 1 PM - 4 PM to 6 PM

We are CLOSED on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Call today at (215) 256-8006 to schedule your appointment!

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How Our Team Can Help

Our team of experts is here to make your experience high-quality so that you receive the best service in Harleysville.

Quality Services
Our staff is trained in the most up-to-date techniques and procedures to care for our patients.

Modern Equipment
We've invested in the newest equipment to deliver the best results. 

Friendly Staff
We pride ourselves on being friendly with our patients, whether you've been with us for years or are brand new.
Individual Approach
No two patients are alike. We focus on caring for the needs of each individual.

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What our patients say
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Jane Sudano
1 day ago
Dr Perrone is great! Knows a lot about chiropractic care for athletes. I really enjoy my sessions with him. I learn something new ever visit.
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CJ Cocci
8 months ago
I can say without hesitation that if anyone is considering trying chiropractic care for any back, hip, leg, neck, or posture pain.... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRACTICE!Dr. Sandy has been an absolutely miracle worker for my particular back issues. I went in with scoliosis, herniated disk, degenerating disks, and obviously compressed nerves that made me barely be able to stand & so much pain that took so much away from my life. She made no promises & only asked that I give her 4- 6 visits before I make an opinion if this would help me. Well, after the first visit I could stand tall & take deep breaths, sit taller without slumping over, and I had feeling start to come back in my feet. Then after the next several visits its been "LIFE CHANGING"!I was so nervous about trying chiropractic care but after hundreds of dollars spent last year on "specialists" that only gave me 2 options to relieve my pain (injections or surgery) and being so conflicted with knowing that couldn't be my only way to get back my life, I am so happy I took someone's recommendation to come here & give it a try.There are not enough words to describe the relief I've felt since over this last month.
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2 years ago
Great place to get adjusted and feel better.
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Maria Steinmetz
2 years ago
Very professional staff and productive treatments!!
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Nicole Lynn
3 years ago
Friendly staff who take the time to talk to you. They truly do care about their patients.
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